Emily’s Video (2012)

Emily’s Video compiles the reactions of people watching a mysterious, disturbing video. The viewers are random volunteers who replied to our online call to watch “the worst video ever.” If you’d answer, a girl named Emily would come to your home and show you the video, filming your reaction with a webcam. We later destroyed the original video, which had been sourced from the Darknet. You will never know what they were watching. These second hand experiences are the only proof of its existence.



work emilysvideo exhib carrollfletcher

Exhibition view, Carroll/Fletcher, London



When exhibiting Emily’s Video we reiterate the idea of the screen as a mirror of the viewer. The video is presented on a large vertical monitor, leaning on a wall. The image occupies one third of it, the rest remains black and you see yourself reflected, watching people watching…





emilysvideo screening nitehawk cinema

Projection, Nitehawk Cinema, New York










John Menick, “A report on the City”






Commissioned by The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, DK