Emily’s Video (2012)

Inspired by reaction videos that began to proliferate on the Internet in the mid-00s, Emily’s Video is a 15-minute video that compiles viewers’ reactions to an apparently horrible, mysterious, footage sourced from the darknet. The viewers represent a random selection of volunteers who replied to our online open call. Participants were visited in their homes by a girl named Emily — hence the title — who would show them the video and record their reaction with a webcam. We later destroyed the original footage.




Screenshots from video




Eva & Franco Mattes, Emily's Video





Eva & Franco Mattes, Emily's Video













Eva & Franco Mattes, Emily's Video

Installed at Fondation Phi pour l’art contemporain




The video is displayed on a large vertical monitor leaning on a wall, located where visitors can only see the back of it upon entering. The image occupies just a third of the monitor, turning the rest of the screen into a black mirror. Viewers come around the side of the monitor to see their own reactions reflected next to the video.




Online excerpts of Emily’s Video reactions






John Menick, “A report on the City”






Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde